Variable Frequency Drive Object

A configurable object that monitors a VFD's values and status. It plots strip chart and provides digital values for: controller signal input (CI), hertz (HZ), and voltage (VAC). Includes 5-state status monitoring.

Simulated values shown every 2 seconds, sliding the strip chart, repesenting 1 minute.

NOTE: Status is shown as modulating the VFD via CI values.

Configuring the VFD monitor:
buildVFDMonitor(id, name, title, timeLine, timeLineUnits, faceColor, scale, transX, transY)
1.) id - your id value
2.) title - shown in VFD monitor
4.) timeLine - number of chart time increments (x-axis)
5.) timeLineUnits - units of time measurement
6.) faceColor - fill color
7.) scale - size the VFD monitor (default size 600x500 px.)
8.) transX - locate VFD monitor upper-left x
9.) transY - locate VFD monitor upper-left y

SVG Source: