Status Stick Object - 5 States

Create an SVG monitoring strip object that displays all five(5) states: ON, ALARM, INTERMITTENT, DEFECTIVE, AND NORMAL OFF. The four(4) inactive states are opaque. The active state indicator's opacity is 1 and it increases in size. Each state has a different color. Each fill color consists of a radialGradient.
Select a radio button to change the state of the status stick.

Each change of state color also includes a confirming graphic feedback to compensate for color blindness.
1. ONgreensolid
2. ALARMredflash w/ diagonal line
3. INTERMITTENTvioletflashing
4. DEFECTIVEaquainner red 'not' symbol
5. NORMAL OFFgrey"X" lines

Example of how the various states could be applied: The central monitoring panel PID loop graphic includes two(2) status sticks; one associated with the field controller, and the other monitoring the modulating actuator's controlled device (e.g. valve, damper, etc.) position locally.
StatePID ControllerActuator
ONLocal circuit activeActuator's device fully open
ALARMLocal circuit failureLocal circuit failure
INTERMITTENTNot applicableActuator's device modulating
DEFECTIVEUnder repairUnder repair
NORMAL OFFLocal circuit offActuator's device fully closed










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