Process Variable Chart Object

A configurable object that charts process variables. It plots a continuous strip chart for either 1, 2, or 3 measured variables along a timeline. Includes an optional setpoint line for process variable 1.

Simulated values shown every 2 seconds, sliding the strip chart, repesenting 1 minute.

Configuring the Process Variable Chart:
buildProcessVariableChart(id, title, timeLine, timeLineUnits, faceColor, leftVariable, minLeft, maxLeft, setPointLeft, right1Variable, minRight1, maxRight1, setPointLeft, right2Variable, minRight2, maxRight2, scale, transX, transY)
1.) id - your id value
2.) title - shown in Process Variable Chart
3.) timeLine - number of chart time increments (x-axis)
4.) timeLineUnits - units of time measurement
5.) faceColor - fill color
6.) leftVariable (required) - measured variable name
7.) minLeft (required) - measured variable minimum value
8.) maxLeft (required) - measured variable maximum value
9.) setPointLeft (optional) - setpoint line for left measured variable
10.) rightVariable1 (optional) - measured variable name
11.) minRight1 (optional) - measured variable minimum value
12.) maxRight1 (optional) - measured variable maximum value
13.) rightVariable2 (optional) - measured variable name
14.) minRight2 (optional) - measured variable minimum value
15.) maxRight2 (optional) - measured variable maximum value
16.) scale - size the Process Variable Chart (default size 700x400 px.)
17.) transX - locate Process Variable Chart upper-left x
18.) transY - locate Process Variable Chart upper-left y

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