Digital Readout Object

This is a rectangular configurable digital readout object with digital numbers on its face. This is created by an SVG foreignObject which provides an efficient means of automatically aligning HTML Div & Input elements.

(Each readout is shown with a simulated change every two(2) seconds)

Configuring The Readout:
buildDigitalReadout(id, title, units, max, faceColor, numBorderColor, numColor, numBgColor, transX, transY, scale )
1.) id - your ID for the readout
2.) title - shown in Readout
3.) units - units of measurement
4.) max - maximum value number range
5.) faceColor - the background color
6.) numBorderColor - border enclosing the numbers
7.) numColor - color of digital numbers
8.) numBgColor - background color for digital numbers
9.) transX - locate readout center x
10.) transY - locate readout center y
11.) scale - size the readout
Digital Readout Title
Units Of Measurement

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