Auto Manual Override

The Auto/Manual Override can function to adjust a control signal to a field control device. It includes a slider to set the output signal during Manual selection.
Each Auto/Manual Override object is an HTML Div element that includes the Auto/Manual buttons, signal values and an SVG slider. The slider is created via D3.

To create each Auto/Manual Override object, define the following:
1.) Face Color
2.) Ring Color
3.) Minimum Slider Value
4.) Maximum Slider Value
5.) Signal Units of Measurement : utf8 defined as /unicode
6.) Left & Top location values
7.) Scale

The input signals for each example is simulated every 2 seconds.
Initially the Auto/Manual Overrides are shown as 'Auto', with the slider and output signal tracking the input signal.
Select 'Manual' at either, and adjust its slider as desired.

Note: The A/M override includes bumpless transfer, where the signal out matches the signal in during A/M selection.